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Love Journal Photography is a multi international award winning photography studio, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Candid Wedding photography in Melbourne is an experience like none other, encompassing such a number of diverse cultures and customs. Melbourne is Australia’s melting pot of multiculturalism, and it is on wedding days that you really get to know the unique traditions that Melbournians have to offer. Love Journal has been photographing cultures from around the world for several years now, becoming an integral theme to our wedding photography style. We prefer to capture the moments that reflect you as a couple, the diversity of your families’ traditions and the cultural nuances you have grown from. Working with Love Journal requires our understanding of you, as well as your confidence in our creativity.

If you were to define our style it could not be summed up in one, but rather a culmination of talents both contemporary and traditional. Every one of us carries a unique style,but a common mindset to critically think every scene. Photojournalism is the current trend among wedding photographers, yet it lacks direction for you as the couple. So, we have worked hard to merge creative photojournalism together with fine art portraiture. This allows you to concentrate on the special moments, while in a position that allows you to look your finest.

Our photographers at LoveJournal look forward to seeing you and being a part of your special day! Our aim is to finish the first chapter of your LoveJournal with a lasting impression of both you and your families’ union.

Wedding photographers at LoveJournal are proud members of MPA (Master Photographer Association), AIPP, WPPI and Fearless Photographers.

We offer one of the best wedding photography Melbourne wide. We have wedding photographers specialised in candid wedding photography, pre wedding photography and wedding videography in Melbourne. View our wedding portfolio here and call us on 03 98593368 if you are looking for affordable wedding photography in Melbourne.


Neo Ni

Neo Ni has photographed over a number of years weddings, pre-weddings, and engagements.

Neo is best known for his unrelenting desire to be creative. This first came to be known from his time at university, where he studied Art & Design. Neo is constantly over flowing with ideas looking to make the extraordinary! Before Neo began a career as a wedding photographer the first four years after graduation he was a photojournalist. During this pivotal time Neo had acquired the necessary skill set to launch himself into candid wedding photography, learning to photograph under any and all circumstances.

His time as a photojournalist gave Neo a head start into wedding photography and he is now photographing on average 70 weddings per year. Yet, humbled by his own vision, Neo is in constant pursuit to ‘outdo himself’ at every wedding.

Michael Scott

Michael Scott, but “Scotty” for short (actually he’s pretty tall), is the young blood that relishes in the fast pace of weddings. His curious mind gives direction to his purist photographic style. Having worked in Melbourne for a number of years as an event photographer and photography course tutor he finds himself engaged in new techniques but remains true to the fundamentals.

Scotty tends to be a very methodical thinker, allowing time to critically think a scene, trying to visualise the final image. He carries the mindset that there is always something that can be done, all you have to do is approach it with an open & creative mind.

This year Scotty was lucky enough to have the opportunity to photograph destination weddings in China. While working alongside a good friend of the LoveJournal crew, taking some very unique traditions and XiGuan only custom to Chinese weddings.

Gabriel Tan

Gaberiel Tan started photography as a hobby. After years of shooting as a freelance photographer, he found what really excites him is the story behind the images and the emotion of the moments when the shutter clicks.

He is not the quiet one among friends but he is a quiet sneaky one when it comes to capturing images. He is used to having a camera around when possible so that he won’t miss out on important or interesting moments in his personal life. Now as a wedding photographer, it is for certain that he will be there even before things happen just to capture the moment. Being a part of the wedding and presenting the wedding through his way of story telling is what he aims to do. And with every uniqueness of each wedding, he strives to create unique images and deliver the memory that perhaps can last a life time.

For Gabe he just loves to hangout, so he will insist on getting to know you well before the wedding day. So, please just drop us a line, talk to us on social media, and we can get started!