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Here at Love Journal Photography, we pride ourselves on our ability to capture each and every wedding event perfectly. Our friendly team of award-winning wedding photographers have been creating beautiful, elegant wedding photography in Melbourne and around the world for countless couples over the last decade.

Every couple is different, and it’s important that every wedding is shot in it’s own unique way. By talking to, and getting to know each couple, we can create amazing wedding photography albums that they are able to enjoy for many years to come.

Our Wedding Photography Philosophy

We love creating natural wedding photography that captures the smiles, laughs, tears, and all of the little things that can sometimes go unseen during what can be a busy day. Being able to sit back and look at all of the little things that happened between your family and friends during the wedding day is what our clients love.

We also set up some amazing shots, and our international wedding photography awards are a testament to our skills. We are proud to say that our team consists of people who we consider to be the best wedding photographers in Melbourne. Our versatility in being able to provide both amazing natural and staged shots is why we are considered the top wedding photographer team in Melbourne.

We would never offer anything less than a premier service for our clients, and we are always thrilled to see the looks on their faces the moment they see the work that we have done for them.

Awards For Master Photography

We Are Multiple WPPI And International Loupe Award Winners
We haven’t just called ourselves providers of the best wedding photography in Melbourne, we’ve got the honours to back it up too! Over the years, we have won numerous awards for the best wedding photography Melbourne wide, as well as awards from acclaimed, worldwide photographic institutions. Have a look at some of our feats below:

Our Recent International Wedding Photography Awards:

2016 – WPPI 2nd 1/2 year Awards – Creative – Bride or Groom Together – 3 Silver Awards
2016 – WPPI 2nd 1/2 year Awards – Wedding – Wedding Details – 2 Silver Awards
2016 – PPAC Award – Wedding Photography – Silver Award
2016 – PPAC Award – Wedding Photography – Bronze Award
2016 – PPAC Award – Engagement Pre-Wedding – Silver Award
2016 – PPAC Award – Engagement Pre-Wedding – Bronze Award
2016 – ISPWP 2016 Summer- Emotional Impact, 5th place
2016 – WPPI 1st 1/2 year Awards – Bride or Groom Alone: Non-Wedding Day – 2 Silver Awards
2016 – WPPI 1st 1/2 year Awards – Bride or Groom Alone: Wedding Day – 1 Silver Award
2016 – WPPI 1st 1/2 year Awards – Engagement – 1 Silver Award
2016 – AsiaWPA Award – Bridge and Groom Together – 4 Excellence Award
2016 – AsiaWPA Award – Bridge or Groom Single – 2 Excellence Award
2016 – AsiaWPA Award – Emotion – Excellence Award
2016 – La Grande Awards – Wedding – Nominee Award
2016 – ISPWP 2016 Winter – Bridal Portrait, 13th place
2015 – AsiaWPA – Portrait – Excellence Award
2015 – ISPWP 2015 Fall- The Decisive Moment, 7th place
2015 – ISPWP 2015 Fall- Wedding Venue, 7th place
2015 – WPPI 2nd 1/2 year Awards – Wedding Couple Together: Wedding day -1 Silver Awards
2015 – WPPI 2nd 1/2 year Awards – Creative Wedding Couple Together – 1 Silver Awards
2015 – WPPI 2nd 1/2 year Awards – Portrait Engagement – 1 Silver Awards
2015 – Master Photography Awards – Merit Winner in 2015/16
2015 – WPPI 1st 1/2 year Awards – Creative Bride or Groom – 2 Silver Awards
2015 – WPPI 1st 1/2 year Awards – Creative Wedding Couple Together – 1 Silver Awards
2014 – International Loupe Awards – 2 photos as Top 50 image of Wedding
2014 – International Loupe Awards – 2 Wedding Awards
2014 – International Loupe Awards – 1 Portrait Award

The Wedding Photography Specialists

We are proud to have had one of our photographers, Neo Ni, recently certified as a “Master Photographer” by the prestigious ‘Master Photographers Association’ of the United Kingdom. This award is highly regarded, and Neo joins less than 10 other Australian photographers who have earned the title of “Licentiate Master Photographer”. Check out his photography here

2015 –  Merit Winner in 2015/16 Master Photography Awards – Bride Image of the Year

Fantastic Visual Experience with Wedding Videography

One of the best ways to relive your wedding is through wedding videography. We know how busy you are on the big day, and a wedding video is the perfect way to see all of the great moments that you missed while adhering to the wedding schedule.

Being able to watch the events as they unfolded in real time, seeing all of the smiles and fun among your family and friends, is invaluable. Share the videos with your family and guests, so that everybody is able to enjoy the day all over again!


Let's start planning

Our wedding photography can’t happen without the couples that have provided us with such inspiration, however. From the first point of contact, we get to know every aspect of your relationship, allowing us to create a wedding photography album that is every bit as vibrant and unique as the both of you are.

Depending on what you are specifically after, we then tailor the very best wedding photography package that will suit your needs and requirements. Whether it includes a tribute video of your wedding, or a more customised package, we’re here for you and your special day.

We are readily available to travel to wherever your big day is set, and leave no stone unturned in capturing every single minute and precious moment of your wedding day.

Give a call to one of the best wedding photographer in Melbourne on (03) 9859 3368 and let’s have a chat about how we can create your perfect, customised wedding photography. We also invite you to have a look through our website, and hope that you enjoy looking at the wedding photos as much as we loved taking them.

Multi International, Award Winning Wedding Photography In Melbourne


Our Wedding Portfolio

We see all of the weddings that we shoot as being an artistic project, and we make each and everyone attractive and unique. Our Melbourne’s wedding photographers will be able to capture the nature of your relationship perfectly.


Top Wedding Videography

We can also capture your special day on film, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. By combining the two mediums together, you will enjoy a comprehensive journal of the great memories of the day.


Pre-Wedding Photography

We have specialised in pre-wedding photography since our inception, being able to capture the unique nature of the tradition. Our pre-wedding portfolio encompasses many different locations all across the world.

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